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Jaghor schools

Over 1600 women in Jaghori are now learning to read and write thorugh mosque based, community supported literacy classes.

Jaghori, Afghanistan

Education for Women as an Entry Point for Community Change

In one year, Future Generations has helped 87 village women in Jaghori with some prior education to start over 130 village literacy classes. The community provides the teaching facility, the local mosque, and pays the teacher's salary. Over 1,600 women, ages 15 and older, are now enrolled in literacy classes meeting three hours per day, six days per week.

In addition to the skills being taught, the courses offer the women a venue to gather and a forum to begin to discuss other topics of interest and concern. The next step in this program is to expand the topics taught in the courses so that the skill set offered is relevant and useful to the village women.

Future Generations is beginning to train literacy teachers in a curriculum of primary health. Women will learn basic prevention skills, which will help to significantly reduce the high rates of infant and maternal mortality in the region.

In addition to being taught material to cover these topics, an intensive teacher training program is being designed to teach the teachers to become facilitators for the formation of women's groups. These women's groups then become the first nodes of community action with women working together to address the needs and challenges in their communities.

Let's Know Jaghori

Jaghori is the territory laid in the slopes of mountains, rested in the high arms of rocks, short of any possibilities of government welfare. But firmness of the rocks has rendered high significance to the people of Jaghori. In these few lines we demonstrate the real appearance of this honored nation:Jaghori is a small area but of great capacity. The area is 1864/7 square kilometers, with thirty thousand families, three hundred villages and mosques. The population is more than two hundred thousand and is the most populated district all over the country.If the nature brings compassion at Jaghori, doesn't spare its mercy over this territory, keeps its fresh lakes alive as they are, the bitter covetousness and of drought doesn't tease the pharynx of its springs and in one word if the nature quenches its thirst from the river which is the jugular vein of Jaghori, and conveys humidity to the dried lips of Jaghori's lakes weather temperance , greenness of mountains, trill of river dreams in the heart of the valleys, freshness of plantations of wheat and alfalfa which are the main agricultural products of this territory, and the straight plane trees which is the main export of it, warm-bloodedness and hospitality and the God granted sentiments of the residents of this territory is so fascinating and astonishing that city is really ashamed of this countryside.
Dear reader:
Bravery, courage, zeal and love of the people to education and culture are the special specifications of Jaghori that makes Jaghori privileged among the other areas.
Dear reader:
It's good to know that Jaghori has never experienced the traces of the services of state men. The traces of services of state during the long period of history are just a bridge over Sangmasha River and a three-room health clinic. Except these two, nothing more even a little bridge has been built in Jaghori from the state expenditure. Jaghori has never received any shares in the education and health and has always been deprived of the least state possibilities.
Here, it is necessary to appreciate the strong courage of the people in social services especially in hoisting the holy flag of knowledge and education and opening of health and other public welfare establishments. And also it is worth mentioning to thank the staffs of Shohada Organization and Ms. Sima Samar who have assisted the people during the war and insecurity periods.
The active and extensive presence of Joghori students in getting excellent scores in their education all over the universities of the country has raised the name of Ghazni province to the top of the towers of belief.
There are twenty one high schools, twenty three secondary schools and twenty one primary schools active which totally become sixty six schools. Jaghori sends 35 thousand of male and female students to schools daily, and in the recent two years that the gardens of hopes have sat on the flowers, Jaghori has sent four thousand high school graduates to universities of the country and has more than one thousand students in the different university fields. During the long period of time 24 religious Madrasas has led the anti-ignorance movement and has published religious obligations. Health centers, a fifty-bed hospital, ten field clinics, orphan asylum, equipped and active library are the assents of people of Jaghori.
By: Abdullah Jaghori
Source:Abdullah Jaghori's Weblog